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It also means that you need to reach a clear, justified conclusion. That means your essay needs to include three central ideas: taxes, opportunity, and one other.A good exercise during planning is to take a paragraph and think to yourself: “What’s this paragraph about? Next, let’s focus on what you can do to produce a good FCE essay which will get a high score in your exam. This corresponds to step one of our writing process. Remember to plan your paragraphs carefully and write a clear topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph.

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You can see that we use the key idea of ‘education’ in the notes for each paragraph.

Doing this can help you to stay focused and on-topic, because you’re connecting each paragraph back to the main idea of the question.

In step four, you saw how checking your essay can improve your language.

Are you worried that making mistakes will affect your mark?

Let’s look at a model answer: Pause the video to read, and start again when you’re ready. Yes: the conclusion states that ‘free university benefits all members of society.’ This shows that we agree that university should be free for everyone. Then, each paragraph’s topic sentence contains a key word from our plan. Also, the topic sentences and paragraphs all reference the idea of ‘education’, either directly or indirectly. Finally, you have Language: vocabulary and grammar.

This shows that our points are relevant and connected to the task. The examiners will be looking for a range of language as well as how accurate it is.

You could add to this by pointing out that having equal opportunities also benefits society. First, you need to decide what your conclusion is going to be.

And for your own idea, you could talk about how people with higher education are more likely to be economically productive. Are you going to agree or disagree that university should be free for everyone?

Once you’ve finished your plan, you’re ready to write your answer! What type of things do you think you should look for? A good tip is to underline the key words in the task to help you identify what you need to do. This “focuses on how appropriate your writing is for the task”. In our essay, we used many linking words, including Look through the essay again, and note how the linking words and phrases are used.

In your candidate answer book, you will now write your essay. The first sentence of the essay tells you what the entire essay will be about. Can you find any more examples of linking words in the essay?


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