Overcoming Challenges Essay

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How do you plan in an area where you don’t have a lot of experience? Active planning is a skill which you can use regardless of your experience in an area.

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When Christopher Columbus thought he had sailed to India, he had actually landed in North America.

The maps that he used to chart their journey did not realize that there was a huge landmass and the worlds largest ocean still separating them between Europe and Asia. He didn’t have a lot of experience in trying to reach Asia from Europe going west.

As a result, experienced entrepreneurs often suggest a careful market research and business analysis method.

Because of their extensive experience, they recommend a careful initial plan.

Worse even when you give up at the sight of a particular obstacle because you cannot see a path around it.

As thrilling and motivating it can be to overcome your challenges to reach a goal it can be equally frustrating and depressing when you can’t find a way to solve them.

If you goals didn’t have obstacles, then you wouldn’t have any trouble achieving them.

Without obstacles achieving your goals would just be activities like watching television or picking up your dry-cleaning.

Without obstacles or challenges, life would be dull and boring without any excitement, drive or motivation.

The problem occurs when you fail to overcome our challenges and obstacles.


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