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His wife is a nutritionist and together they are going to form a great team that will provide the best possible services to the residents of Muranga County.The owner is going to invest Ksh 500, 000 from his personal savings and obtain a loan of the equal sum.There will also be conferencing services to people or organizations that will be holding conferences.

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The following methods will be adopted:· Commercial advertisements in the media· Billboards· Posters· Cooking demonstrations to sensitize people· Discounts on foods and beverages Pricing The company is going to sell its products at the lowest prices in the market.

This will draw people from all areas to the restaurant.

This money will be spent mainly on purchases of foodstuff and cooking equipment.

The owner of the hotel owns a completely furnished building, and the only things remaining are the cooking equipment.

The building will house the hotel, a sports bar, and a conference hall.

The company intends to offer hotel services with a menu that will include all traditional foods from as many communities around the country as possible.

The hotel will be managed by John sneak who has a wide experience in the hotel industry. Sneak will be the assistant manager and in charge of nutrition.

They need to concentrate on weed management such as mulching and tillage.

Organic foods and traditional foods are gaining market due to the following factors:· The high number of people on special diets.

This is as a result of the high number of diabetes, HIV and other diseases which require the patients to be on special diets to increase their chances of survival· The campaign on the effects of chemically processed foods.


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