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See a list of all reports and how you can use them. The Project Overview report combines graphs and tables to show where each phase of the project stands, upcoming milestones, and tasks that are past their due dates.

Something designed for a wide PC screen isn't the optimal experience on a small phone screen that's not just smaller but a portrait or landscape orientation.

What you need with these widely different screen form factors is a responsive layout that adapts to these different screen sizes and orientations.

And you can still schedule report processing, access reports on demand, and subscribe to published reports in the new web portal. You publish reports to Reporting Services in Share Point integrated mode.

You can schedule report processing, access reports on demand, subscribe to published reports, and export reports to other applications such as Microsoft Excel.

Users can consume the reports via a web browser, on their mobile device, or via email.

SQL Server Reporting Services offers an updated suite of products: Reporting Services is associated with "traditional" paginated reports, ideal for fixed-layout documents optimized for printing, such as PDF and Word files.From this tab, you can change the font, color, or theme of the whole report.You can also add new images (including photos), shapes, charts, or tables here.For that we've added a new report type: mobile reports, based on the Datazen technology we acquired about a year ago and integrated into the product.You can migrate your existing Datazen reports to Reporting Services with the SQL Server Migration Assistant for Datazen.When you click individual elements (charts, tables, and so on) of a report, new tabs appear at the top of the screen with options for formatting that part.Visual reports allow you to view Project information graphically using enhanced Pivot Tables in Excel 2010.Use the Chart Elements and Chart Filters buttons to quickly pick elements such as data labels and filter the information that goes into the chart.Click anywhere in the report and then click Report Tools Design to see the options for changing the look of the whole report.Mobile computing has shifted the devices we need to work, meaning people today have a different reporting need.The fixed-layout report experience doesn't work well when you introduce tablets and phones.


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