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Because the feedback was several steps away, I fear that some students most in need of it never got it.

Some of the same concerns applied to my use of Blackboard.

I decided to take on the revolution alone, without fancy software and gadgetry, and with only the faintest idea what I was doing.

That is, it's difficult to know how to begin to move from our "traditional" modes of teaching to something more suited to this new "digital" world.

We'll package all this up in a simple email and send it to you as soon as we're done.

Remarkably (to me at least), I have been somewhat successful in my attempts to incorporate technology into the daily life of my classrooms.By 2010, its data centers were running over 34,000 searches per second, making it arguably the nexus of this extraordinary historical moment in which we find ourselves.From my point of view, one of the great things about Google (and I'm not a stockholder) is that many of its services are both free and powerful.At the same time, the "track changes" method of paper grading had problems. If I am going to grade electronically, I need the tool I'm using to get out of my way; I need the program, like the red pen, to "disappear" so that all I have to think about is my grading.That was not happening with Word, in which I spent a lot of time opening and closing files and functions.All of these services are available via any Internet connection.While I began my experiments somewhat wary of a "cloud" system, my experience has been that the downtime — periods when I could not access the Internet and do my work — is minimal.I first fell in love with GMail for its message threading, which allows a simple, sensible view of my electronic communications with students, and for the speed and thoroughness of its search functions.These features, however, are quickly becoming ubiquitous in e-mail programs.I talk often about basic writing skills, and I grade stacks upon stacks of essays.So I knew that my new digital teaching life would be built around the efficient processing of student papers.


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