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As per Hemingway, man was most ready to substantiate himself commendable in pure and total loneliness.The novel, in such manner, is a case of Naturalism in writing that controls the lives by environment.Moreover, the author likewise doesn’t like to acknowledge the defeat, since he truly believes that man was made not for the victorious life or at least for the demonstration of his bravery and desire to live and struggle for it.

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Relying on memories of his youth, news of the Great Di Maggio's recovery from injury, and thoughts of the boy, Santiago finds the strength to physically and emotionally carry on throughout the story.

After hooking the great marlin Santiago realizes he is unable to quickly kill the fish, and it proceeds to tow him farther out to sea.

Sea relates to the novel as setting and a metaphor. Here it symbolizes the ―universe and the Santiago’s disconnection from the universe, his loneliness.

Despite the fact that individuals have their own character in their particular destinations and in particular time, people are powerless in the scale of galaxy and turn out to be distant from everyone else.

The old man exemplifies Hemingway's ideal of exhibiting "grace under pressure," as he refuses to submit to the overwhelming obstacles presented by the sea.

Santiago's attitude seems to be that although he is faced with tragedy -- as everyone is sooner or later in life -- he will not cease struggling.Besides, Hemingway demonstrates that every man no matter how simple he may seem carries a great luggage of philosophical views, concepts and expresses the vast range of feelings.Besides, almost every story of the author is full of symbolical details that can be decoded only after a careful reading. Moreover, it can be called a quintessence of the author’s symbolism.Here in the novel, Marlin battles to stay away from his passing.Demise is the extreme reality of the lives of all creatures.In the title character, Santiago, Hemingway depicts one of the most distinguished examples in American Literature of an individual looking deep within to summon the courage necessary to get through the triumphs and tragedies that life -- represented by the sea -- presents.Alone on the sea, Santiago continuously struggles to find hope in several seemingly hopeless situations.Although the old man seemingly fails once the sharks steal his prize fish, they cannot take away the fact that Santiago -- the primary target for the jest and pity of other fishermen -- has done the unthinkable by staying with and catching a fish "bigger than he had ever heard of" (63).According to the "Hemingway Code," based on principles of courage and endurance, the old man has actually triumphed in spite of his loss.Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea is the deceivingly simple story of an old Cuban fisherman who undergoes the most difficult struggle of his life.Despite being a relatively short work, the novel is filled not only with drama but with the parable of one man's perseverance through the hardest of times.


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