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Like a true hero, Odysseus never lost hope; no matter how bad the situation was.Another quality of being a hero is, having courage; and Odysseus clearly conveyed this during his journey.

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In fact it can be stated that if it were not for the various instances where Odysseus was accepting the generosity of various strangers he would long ago have been able to reach home instead of being delayed for so long.

An examination of other forms of ancient Greek literature reveals that the concept of Greek hospitality towards guests is firmly embedded in the belief that all guests are under the protection of the Gods.

Circe’s offering of hospitality and love, Alcinous/Phaecians being helpful by trying to get Odysseus home vs.

Poseidon’s shipwreck and finally Penelope’s hospital reception of Odysseus disguised as beggar vs. These three cases show the concept of the guest – host relationship and what the result of improper/proper hospitality on both cases was.

It was only when they encountered the dilapidated cabin of Baucis and Philemon that they were accorded with the highest degree of courtesy from the poor couple.

The end of the story was the complete flooding of the Phrygian countryside with all that turned them away dying as a result with Baucis and Philemon being honored for their generosity by being made into priests of a new temple on top of a hill that escaped the destruction of their neighbors.Another interesting factor to consider is the concept of the “guest-host relationship” in ancient Greek culture and how it plays a factor in theme of hospitality in the various instances that Odysseus faced (Melisa et al., 1).The concept of the guest-host relationship is firmly embedded in the method in which hospitality is given and the way in which it is received.Zeus himself was said to be the benefactor of guests who entered the households of strangers in foreign lands and that to turn away a guest would be the same as insulting Zeus himself (Grabek, 96).Other interpretations show the belief that guests are said to be tests sent by the Gods themselves and that various guests asking for shelter within households could in fact be Gods in disguise (Grabek, 96).One particular piece of Greek mythology supporting this claim is the story of Baucis and Philemon, in it readers are presented with a situation wherein Zeus tired of eating ambrosia on Olympus descended down to the Phrygian countryside along with Hermes in order to test the generosity of the people.Disguised as poor travelers they knocked on hundreds of doors however they were always rebuffed and the door slammed into their face.In Homeric poem “The Odyssey” we are treated to an account of the story of Odysseus as he tries to make his way back to Ithaca after successfully aiding the Greeks in conquering the city of Troy.While the tale has various mythical and magical motifs in the form of Gods, Goddesses, nymphs, witches and magic; one of the most interesting and a rather unusual aspect of the story was the astounding level of generosity shown to Odysseus through various parts of the story (Grabek, 96).In order to be courageous, the hero has to be fearless, meaning he has to act confident about his actions. If Odysseus were to appear weak, than the gods may think he's too weak for the journey and won't make it out alive.So, as a way of showing his courage, confidence overcomes Odysseus and he talks to the gods as if he were one of them.


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