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The type of violence that so many are exposed to through society is not that of the private sphere, but the public sphere of violence.

Society teaches our children that walking alone at night is not safe and not to talk to strangers.

Violence “becomes the way in which problems are solved, if the consequences of using violence are perceived as positive, and if the opportunity to learn more peaceful means are infrequent or unavailable” (Johnson, 1996: 2).

Perceiving violence as positive in Canadian society may be the case.

Society also tells women not to go out alone and not to dress too revealing or she may get raped.

These are messages that speak of the public dangers that we should be aware of in order to protect ourselves. It is a type of violence we have labeled as wife abuse, which is a form a violence that Canadian society has only recently begun to examine.

Instead, sociology believes that many factors, such as social learning, attitudes, etc. This paper will examine and discuss several causes and effects of wife abuse from a sociological perspective.

The causes to be examined will be social learning, culture, attitudes, values, economic and political realties and patriarchy.

It is not often that an individual is not exposed to violence.

Research has shown that “individuals will copy aggressive behavior they see on television or in movies if it is performed by someone they identify strongly or share common characteristics” with (Johnson, 1996: 2).


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