Non Routine Problem Solving Examples

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Students worked in pairs and all interviews were videotaped.Secondly, flexibility is required knowledge of strategy efficiency.This means that flexible problem solvers can recognize which strategies are more efficient than others under particular circumstances.This study aims to investigate whether high-achieving sixth, seventh and eighth graders can exhibit strategy flexibility while they are solving non-routine problems.In this context, four students from each grade level participated in the study.Mathematics educators emphasize the educational importance of recognizing and stimulating flexibility in children’s self-constructed strategies.Predominant focus in prior works about this flexibility is on the description of it.Another researcher, Selter states that a flexible problem solver must have following abilities: The first is multiple interpretations of data.A flexible problem solver is able to consider several alternative interpretations of a given situation.Similarly, Zhang carried out a study in which four non-routine problem were used.The major goal of the researcher was to determine whether the individual’s performances were consistent across different subject areas and problem types that could be solved different heuristics, and to identify possible factors that influenced children’s choices and strategy use in different contexts.


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