Nigerian Economy Essays On Economic Development

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Governments–and the political and economic elite that sustain them–need to generate more and better employment and prepare for more severe impacts of climate change.Political economy perspectives can help to calibrate where best to apply the Bank’s strengths–technical knowledge, convening power, and financing–and identify how to work towards strengthening both the supply of and the demand for better governance and governments.Over the past few years, we have started to learn how to use political economy analysis in an operationally targeted way to improve development effectiveness.Can we leverage the desire for politicians to show progress ahead of the next election?Can we help citizens monitor whether politicians keep their own promises after elections?Political economy perspectives enable us to scan country and sector environments for opportunities to leverage existing positive drivers of change–as well as to make realistic estimations of the risks and challenges involved.This implies taking the incentives of individuals and of groups more seriously–rather than thinking about reforms predominantly from a public welfare perspective.Are we able to broker compromises between vested interests and upstart entrepreneurs to improve regulatory environments and infrastructure bit by bit?Can we become more serious about taking public opinion and citizens’ concerns into account in calibrating and communicating reforms—so that we are able to reinforce the demand for change, rather than triggering anti-reform protests?A chain of insights drives the growing interest in political economy analysis: First, there is the fact that reforms often fail even when solutions that would improve public welfare are available.Abolishing fuel subsidies in Nigeria is proving hard, even though the subsidy regime is both inefficient and unfair for the vast majority of poorer citizens.


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