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I dream that my life’s work and writing may stimulate and chronicle the development of a more just and equal world. Before long they are up again, repeating this pattern; their black covering sparkling, creating the most shocking juxtaposition of attempted beauty on a creature so wicked.In terms of this cause, one of the best uses of Princeton’s money is the international Bridge Year Program. They are shown falling from leaves, free as children on monkey bars, their intentions seemingly unknown to the deranged cameraman filming them.She is sharp, cheeky, and much better at cooking than I am.

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It wasn’t even a bubble; it was an opaque, porcelain snow globe. How can we privileged people hope to aid the formation of global solutions if our thinking is limited to the 1136-by-640-pixel screens of our smart phones?

On the bus ride to school my friends lamented that the city might take away our free student Metrocards, blind to the fact that other kids didn’t have schools to walk to. If our thinking is not global in scope, our dreams and solutions will remain capped. In this dream, my cousin and I are sisters across the sea, she in the waves of heat over northern India and I on the banks of the Hudson River.

For one reason or another, they want my application.

This doesn’t mean that their only objective is to craft a better and more diverse incoming class.

I will not be the doctor who saves the next dying child, nor will I be the engineer who maximizes solar energy harvesting with cheap materials, but I can be the writer who makes the voices of the underrepresented heard.

I want to unfurl the idea that change emerges from empowered people who can demand their rights, and that it is augmented by people who believe that accidents of geography should not impede these rights. Their zombie-like way of crawling, as if their life is turned on for one second to create that signature hump of a worm, and then quickly turned off, instantly flattening out, dead, brings me to tears.In fact, he questioned the morality of donating to any institution, church, or cultural activity that did not directly serve the desperately poor, particularly those in “faraway places.” Singer is calling for the newly added words of “Princeton in the service of all nations” to be put into action -- and I would like to help.I sat at the breakfast table in my pajamas wondering how many of Princeton’s donors read that article.Now, as application time is rolling around, they’ve become a bit more aggressive, hence “REMINDER – University of X Application Due” or “Important Deadline Notice”..How is it that while I can only send one application to any school to which I am applying, it is okay for any school to send unbridled truckloads of mail my way, applying for my attention?If I have not already made it clear, it’s an annoyance, and, in fact, turns me and undoubtedly others off to applying to these certain schools.However, this annoyance is easy to ignore, and, if I wanted to, I could easily forget all about these mailings after recycling them or deleting them from my email.This blindness to everything non-Western continued outside of the classroom. It is my belief that a different way of thinking is budding at Princeton.No one ever talked about the things outside of their occidental bubble – the bubble of the comfortable, warm, well-fed Occident. I want to breathe it, taste it, engulf it, make it my own, and use it for the purpose of spreading it.But beneath the simple annoyance of these mailings lies a pressing and unchallenged issue..What do these colleges want to get out of these advertisements?


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