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By 1948 he failed his LLB (law degree) examination; and decided to practice as an attorney.

He was later in 1984 was offered a conditional freedom, with a condition that he should settle in a black “homeland” that is officially designated in Transkei, Mandela refused the offer affirming his allegiance to the African National Congress. After he recovered he was returned to prison with lesser stringent circumstances.

1990, he was released unconditionally to a joyous scenes of celebration at home and abroad.

His leadership traits, behavior and the situations that prove him a good leader have been portrayed below.

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela commonly known as Nelson Mandela was born in 1918 to a tribal chief of Tembu – Henry Mandela.

He was only allowed to have one visitor once in six months and he was once not allowed to see his wife (Winnie) for two years.

He was allowed to write and receive one letter every six months.

Two years later during his detension in 1964, was charged with treason and sentenced him to life imprisonment for giving a four-and-a-half hours of speech criticizing apartheid which is memorable.

Living in a prison had the same meaning as living in the worst place in South Africa: Robben Island.

He was kept 23 hours in his cell every day, merely lit by a lamp.

Because of which he was unable to sleep or know what the time was.


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