National Honor Society Application Essay Example

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I have total confidence that I have the capability of turning out as the most useful member of the national honor society basing on the fact that I am a critical thinker, honest and hardworking in any task that I undertake.

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For one to be able to join the NHS, it is important that they value human life and always try to do good to the community.

Hard work too is a necessity as fruitful results are drawn from hard work and dedication.

In conclusion, my acceptance to join NHS is a God-given gift that will see me advance my skills in leadership and make the society a better place.

From the teachings that I will learn through my scholarship, I will be able to have something to show the society of how human beings can make up for the small mistakes that are often done and make the society the best place for the current generation and many more future generations to come.

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Their choice meant that I had attained the one goal that I yearned.

They believed in me as the right candidate because of the determination that I am willing to engage in activities that will help people and provide full service to the community.

Many people who have been in my life will agree that I am an honest, reliable and also an open-minded individual.

In my life, I have learned the things needed to solve problems and different kinds of conflicts that are necessary among leaders.


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