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I also discovered a 2014 article about how “the 70-year-old Hinduism specialist didn’t like what she witnessed in the 1990s when a hard-edged stream of feminist scholarship started gaining traction as conventional thinking in higher education and popular culture.” She was, at that time, “associated with the University of Victoria after a at Mc Gill University in Montreal,” and had “engaged in her own feminist research while studying at the University of Chicago and Harvard.” In 2014, she had recently completed, with co-author Paul Nathanson, her fourth book on misandry.was published in March 2006 by Mc Gill–Queen’s University Press.

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Saramandi does not provide us with links to the pieces that draw “ties between domestic abuse and the alt right.” Without citations, we cannot evaluate the articles for ourselves—leaving me wondering how her interlocutor would explain his side of the story.

Saramandi writes: “On March 8, International Women’s Day, a piece in a supposedly prestigious local paper made the rounds on social media.

‘Overcoming Feminist Ideology for Equality’ by Yasheel Awootar contains all the necessary references to Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia.” What does “all the necessary references to Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia mean?

She provides a sampling of the article, which can certainly be interpreted as controversial, even hyperbolic.

We have over 300 screenshots of their conversations, and have tracked what they say, share.” Apparently, “[t]he Mauritian alt-right is formulaic to a fault. homophobic, misogynistic, and, at times, racist.” Saramandi supports her case with a selection of comments that are presented as representative of the “Mauritian alt-right.” These comments are combative, often inexcusably so.

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She writes, “the Mauritian alt-right is multicultural.

But responsible research and reporting dispel any belief that ’s higher standards attract greater scrutiny).” A minimal amount of research (see e.g.

here, here, here, here, here, here) into what happened at Evergreen should be sufficient to make one realize that Heather Heying and Bret Weinstein—like Katherine Young—are anything , both of whom initially overlooked the fact that Heying and Weinstein were not “fired,” but voluntarily left their posts.

Saramandi writes that she blocked her nemesis because she was not willing to be imposed upon, or forced to provide him with “free emotional and intellectual labor …

[that would] take up my time under the guise of ‘debate.’” I can appreciate the decision to refrain from debate with rabble-rousers.


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