My Perfect Utopia Essay

My Perfect Utopia Essay-17
Many of today’s society follows the opposite of what the Utopians culture follows, from jobs, money, and being conservative.

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Have you ever wondered about after getting up in the morning and never have to look in the mirror and do your hair or pick out an outfit good enough?

Even have to worry about getting laid off and losing your home and possibly getting a divorce?

When someone does three serious bad things they are released because it is important in Jonas’s society that everyone is good.

And when someone even comes in late to a class room they have to apologize to everyone.

All because of living in a perfect society just like a utopia.

I believe that Jonas’s community is a utopia because even thinking about living in a place where everyone follows the rules, everyone is happy and content and no one is better than anyone else sounds like a perfect community.An example is when Asher comes in late he has to make a public announcement to say sorry.“Asher apologized and everyone forgave him” (14) as easy as that.Maybe even just knowing that no one will ever say anything mean to you or do anything to upset you, sounds pretty like a utopia don’t you think? One of the main reasons why I believe the giver is a utopia is because no one cares what they wear, they never have to worry about what anyone thinks because there are no attraction relationships.For example they don’t get to choose their spouses; they are just giving to them.Each one does not criticize the others for their beliefs.Once a month all the different religions get together at the island community building and congregate together to discuss their viewpoints and thoughts on their faith.Another reason it doesn’t My final reason is because everyone is kind to each other and treats everyone with respect, which leads to almost no wrong doing.Can you imagine a world with all kind people, no 911, no murders not even people saying mean things?On the South side of the Sashy clean, sandy beaches cover the land. Living on the island is people from all different cultures and backgrounds.Everyone lives in peace with no fighting, violence, crime, or war.


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