My Most Frightening Moment Essay

My Most Frightening Moment Essay-40
I was yelling her name or so it seemed and she turned and looked at me then turned back around to the TV.

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Across the street, I saw rain coming down like a great sheet and flinging itself upon the town. Water was rising so fast and poured out of the drains into the street.

Cars broke down and stalled, and, honking and hooting went on without stopping.

My niece told me that there was something in the Japanese room. I've never seen the ghost, but I've never been so scared in my entire life.

But I've never heard from her like dragging her body or something.

I knew the movie so I knew what part was on and what was next.

I could see my phone on my red sweater beside me and then my blanket started making a vibrating sound and then it covered me and I couldn't move.

I had cracked one of my legs and was writhing in pain. The smell of fresh blood had attracted more of those brutal beasts who now crawled on the ground and sprinted towards me. I had run only short distance before falling again, this time — off the large cliff leaving the ground.

I looked up and realised the wooden block was actually a large clock that read just one time — “Your Time”. I jerked off my leg suddenly, lying on the hospital bed. I was half conscious when I heard someone at distance muttering — “She’s a miracle.

At the end, I managed to claim the wall very fast, and to safe myself from the angry dog.

Unfortunately, I broke my leg while jumping from that wall into our back yard.


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