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I recommend starting the hunting 12-10 months before the date fourth semester because the administrative and visa processes take very long and can be quite stressful.

3- Be sure the host university does not charge you tuition fees. Generally, in the US, universities charge fees for everything and to everyone, so you really have to be careful.

However, you can always try to find funding on your own and apply for grants. Ideally, you should get help from the international coordinators at the host research center/department/university because this is an extremely tedious process, with many different steps and many documents to be sent.

Preferably, they should sponsor your visa, which means they are the ones taking care of a big part of the visa fees.

[Free mover = “prepare and arrange your studies at a foreign university on your own initiative”] 1- Do research on universities, departments and research groups First, you should consider whether is worth it to go abroad for such a short period of time (it will be only 4,5 months), taking into account that in KI, KTH, SU and Scilife Lab there are groundbreaking research groups.

If you are still sure that you want to move to the US, after communicating it to your program director, you have to decide where you would like to go.

When I was first accepted at Stanford University in California, I was told I would have to pay “visiting student fees”, which were quite high.

As a free-mover, there is no scholarship or any other funding allocated to us.

6- Register online, obtain the DS-160 and make an appointment at the US embassy Once you get the DS-2019 you will receive some instructions to follow when entering the US Embassy website.

You will have to register on their webpage and fill in a lot of different information (here is where they will ask you if you have ever committed crimes and other weird similar questions).


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