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Shimerda to be buried there, and she is upset about their decision. Shimerda’s soul, and that the widow and her children needed extra care in his absence. The roads that would later be built cross near the grave, but swerve to avoid it.

In the evening, the coroner stops by the Burden house to stay on his way back to town, and he echoes Jake’s view that Krajiek was acting like a guilty man. The grave is marked by a small cross, and is overgrown with grass that isn’t tended.

Shimerda is more concerned about her children than looking merely to improve herself.

The warm weather lasts a few more weeks, and convinces the livestock that spring has arrived. The Burdens are forced to dig their way out of the house, and they dig tunnels through the snow to the barn to fetch eggs and care for the animals.

A young Bohemian, Anton Jelinek, comes with Otto back to the Burdens.

Anton says that he would have come to visit the Shimerdas earlier except for the demands of his work and education. Shimerda has committed a sin and that he needs excessive prayer to help his soul out of purgatory. Burden disagrees and explains that he believes that people can’t help the dead that way.

Otto is sent to town for the priest and the coroner, and Mrs. Burden set out for the Shimerdas’ home, along with Jake and Ambrosch, who stayed the night.

Burden says that she would like to bring food and comfort to the Shimerdas. Shimerda appeared not to be thinking of Ántonia, who was now left without protection from her brother and mother. Jim is left alone in the house, and he does his best to care for the house in their absence. Shimerda’s spirit has come to rest in the house, and he tries to pay his respects to Mr.

He mentions that news has spread of the suicide, and several other neighbors arrive soon, hoping for gossip and information about the planned burial site. Shimerda might be buried in a Norwegian graveyard that is close.

Jim notices an unusual talkativeness among his family and their visitors. Burden finds out that the Norwegian graveyard has decided to refuse to allow Mr. He says a short prayer, mentioning that it was not appropriate for people to concern themselves with God’s decision about Mr. Jim, the narrator, briefly mentions the fate of the grave at the corner of the property.


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