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I was able to witness the facilitation of tears, hugs, and precious family interactions by our music therapy sessions together.

I was able to witness the facilitation of tears, hugs, and precious family interactions by our music therapy sessions together.

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From the age of four through his current age of 16, William has taken a music bath once or twice a week at The Music Settlement.

As Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, "...a music bath...

That being said, there is simply no substitute for the beautiful and seamless opportunity that music therapy provides for people to complete their lives with dignity. Music therapy provided him the crucial opportunity or medium to express what he felt. Smith was in a great deal of pain at the end of his life, we never engaged in very formal lyric analysis; however, Mr.

Smith naturally expressed his analysis of these songs in small, intermittent statements during our sessions.

While learning to play instruments, William also learned life skills.

"Music (became the soundtrack of (his) life." (Dick Clark) Being born with autism makes it difficult to interact with others or communicate verbally.This was achieved through group therapy, as well as individualized sessions.Both forms were ideal for William, because individual lessons allowed him to learn at his own pace. They helped him to learn to read music, follow a rhythm, and to respect the need to display the proper behavior in the proper situation.Georgia, her colleague Anne and I visited two patients at one of Seasons’ inpatient unit. Thank you to Georgia, Anne, and all of our amazing hospice and palliative care teams.By Edo Banach, JD President and CEO NHPCO During the 2017 Memorial Day concert (scroll down to watch!Sheri Robb, “Breakthroughs with Music Therapy: Recovery, Resilience, Quality of Life.” Additional sessions featured music and child development (Dr. Ani Patel), and jazz, creativity and the brain (Dr. This seems to be magnified when spending one’s days with people who are facing death.With this experience, music therapists are sensitized to the extreme emotions surrounding death, and can empathize with these patients and their families.), noted soprano Renée Fleming mentioned an exciting event at the John F.Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.I was also deeply moved by the connection and spirituality that I witnessed during my visit. She smiled, as if she knew that I didn’t really know the words.As a musician, I believe in the power of music to transcend words and connect people; yesterday, my faith in music, hospice and people was reaffirmed. Two hours later Anne and Georgia let me know that Ms. I was so moved by this experience, and so aware that this experience plays itself out every day in countless rooms and homes across the nation.


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