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Yesterday I mentioned giving my students a variety of coloring pages to decorate the front of their new music binders. The fees earned from this program help defer the costs of running this website!

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From music composition to music theory and live collaborations, Flat allows you to easily create any assignments that include music notation.

When creating an assignment on Flat, this one will be automatically posted to your Google Classroom stream.

On our review page, you can give live feedback using our inline comments and review their submitted scores.

Have any questions regarding Flat, or need help to get starting or using Flat?

Students can directly turn-in their assignment from our web-based music notation software.

We will directly bring them back to their submission on Google Classroom.Discover today the perks of using Flat with Google Classroom and why thousands of music teachers are already using our product.Simply choose the classes that will use Flat, we will automatically create accounts for your students and instantly handle the future rosters changes.Some are simple, others a little more complex and detailed.My students all have 3-ring binders so all sheets have a wide enough left margin to allow for the 3-hole punch (even though it may not look like it in the preview image).” Only a few more weeks before summer vacations start! Here’s a fun little freebie for you to use with your young (and maybe not-so-young) piano students. Paddy’s Day designs built in to my Spring Assignment Sheet pack. Read more As you might be able to tell from the year listed in the image above, these aren’t new… Assignment Sheet Nicola Cantan from Dublin Piano just shared a wonderful free resource with at-home assignments for Piano Pronto’s brand new Roadtrip! Over the past year, I’ve created quite a few piano assignment sheets, but I had nothing... School will be back in session here in a couple more weeks, and I’m just about to take off on a mini-“vacation” at the studio. Are you getting ready for summer piano lessons in your... but I bet there are quite a few teachers out there who didn’t see these last year! Flat for Education is the best solution to create any music notation activity in Google Classroom.From music theory to music composition and real-time collaboration, Flat provides you seamless integrations with Google Classroom and other G Suite apps.If you haven’t already, you may consider reading my original post Assignment Sheet Addiction introducing my addiction to creating assignment sheets.Certain practice steps that teacher wants students to do on a regular basis like “review mastered pieces” and “review performance/memory” pieces are written as practice steps.


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