M.Sc Thesis In Statistics

Smith - Minimising Time-Stepping Errors in Numerical Models of the Atmosphere and Ocean Amandeep Virdi - The Influence of the Agulhas Leakage on the Overturning Circulation from Momentum Balances Charlotta Howarth - Integral Equation Formulations for Scattering Problems David Fairbairn - Comparison of the Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter with the Ensemble Transform Kalman Smoother Mark Payne - Mathematical Modelling of Platelet Signalling Pathways Mesh Generation and its application to Finite Element Methods Mary Pham - Mesh Generation and its application to Finite Element Methods Sarah Cole - Blow-up in a Chemotaxis Model Using a Moving Mesh Method Danila Volpi - Estimation of parameters in traffic flow models using data assimilation Dale Partridge - Analysis and Computation of a Simple Glacier Model using Moving Grids David Mac Leod - Evaluation of precipitation over the Middle East and Mediterranean in high resolution climate models Joanne Pocock - Ensemble Data Assimilation: How Many Members Do We Need? Neeral Shah - Impact and implications of climate variability and change on glacier mass balance in Kenya Tomos Roberts - Non-oscillatory interpolation for the Semi-Lagrangian scheme Zak Kipling - Error growth in medium-range forecasting models Zoe Gumm - Bragg Resonance by Ripple Beds Muhammad Akram - Linear and Quadratic Finite Elements for a Moving Mesh Method Andrew Ash - Examination of non-Time Harmonic Radio Waves Incident on Plasmas Cassandra Moran - Harbour modelling and resonances Elena Panti - Boundary Element Method for Heat Transfer in a Buried Pipe Juri Parrinello - Modelling water uptake in rice using moving meshes Ashley Twigger - Blow-up in the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation Using an Adaptive Mesh Method Chloe Ward - Numerical Evaluation of Oscillatory Integrals Christopher Warner - Forward and Inverse Water-Wave Scattering by Topography Fawzi Al Busaidi - Fawzi_Albusaidi Christopher Bowden - A First Step Towards the Calculation of a Connectivity Matrix for the Great Barrier Reef Evangelia-Maria Giannakopoulou - Flood Prediction and Uncertainty Victoria Heighton - 'Every snowflake is different' Thomas Jordan - Does Self-Organised Criticality Occur in the Tropical Convective System?

Hobbs - A moving finite element approach to semiconductor process modelling in 1-D..

Whitfield - The application of optimal control theory to life cycle strategies.

During the course students will acquire planning skills as well as skills on how to organize and successfully complete a large project.

At the master theses seminars at the end of the course each student presents her or his thesis orally and takes part in discussions of other students’ theses.

Crossley - Application of Roe's scheme to the shallow water equations on the sphere.

Kirkland - Huge singular values and the distance to instability.. In sum, the course will give students ample opportunity to develop transferable skills of great importance for all types of applied and scientific work and indeed any type of inquiry.Special eligibility requirements: Bachelors' Degree including at least 90 ECTS credits in Statistics or equivalent plus Probability Theory, AL, 7,5 ECTS credits, Inference Theory, AL, 7,5 ECTS credits, Multivariate Analysis, AL, 7,5 ECTS credits, Statistical Theory of Science, AL, 7,5 ECTS credits, Statistical Computation, AL, 7,5 ECTS credits, Statistical Methods, AL, 7,5 ECTS credits, or equivalent. Neil - An investigation of the dynamics of several equidistribution schemes. Burton - Re-iterative methods for integral equations. Jelfs - Conjugate Gradients with Rational and Floating Point Arithmetic M. Fletcher - Numerical Approximations to Bouyancy Advection in the Eddy Model. Fulcher - The Finite Element Approximation of the Natural Frequencies of a Circular Drum. Green - A Financial Model and Application of the Semi-Lagrangian Time-Stepping Scheme. Maisey - Vorticity Preserving Lax-Wendroff Type Schemes C. Radcliffe - Positive Schemes for the Linear Advection Equation D. Man - Galerkin Methods for Coupled Integral Equations. Laird - A New Method for Solving the 2-D Advection Equation. Mc Dowall - Finite Differences Applied to Joint Boundary Layer and Eigenvalue Problems. Shahrill - Explicit Schemes for Finding Soliton Solutions of the Korteweg-de Vries Equation. Weston - A Marker and Cell Solution of the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations for Free Surface Flow. Ariffin - Grid Equidistribution via Various Algorithmic Approaches. Garwood - A Comparison of two approaches for the Approximating of 2-D Scattered Data, with Applications to Geological Modelling R. Smith - The Evolution of Travelling Waves in a Simple Model for an Ionic Autocatalytic System P. Hawkes - Mesh Movement Algorithms for Non-linear Fisher-type Equations P. Parry - Construction of Symplectic Runge-Kutta Methods and their Potential for Molecular Dynamics Application. Swain - Numerical Investigations of Vorticity Preserving Lax-Wendroff Type Schemes. Mathematics for Economic and Statistical Analysis, BL, 7,5 ECTS credits, or equivalent.Swedish upper secondary school course English 6 or equivalent. More information for registered students will be found in Mondo.


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