Mill Utilitarianism Essay

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According to Kant, morality is based on human reason and not on the principle of utility or on the law of nature.

According to Kant, reasons determine what we are supposed to do and we are free when we follow them.

Utilitarianism is also distinguished by agent-neutrality. It emphasis that happiness is the same to everyone; my good does not differ from the good of someone else.

We all have the same reason to promote the good; it is not unique to one person.

According to John the main base of morality is happiness and people always desire happiness.

Great Leader Essay - Mill Utilitarianism Essay

He supported this statement through proving that other objects of desires of people were either means to achieve happiness or include the definition of happiness.Unlike in science, all actions exists so as to achieve a certain end, hence, actions are determined by the ends being pursued.Basing on this statement Mill argues that one has to have a clear understating of the standard the human actions should be judged in order to understand what morality entails.John Stuart Mill depicts the concept of utilitarianism as a philosophical theory with regard to doing what is right and wrong and how they result in happiness and being unhappy.Mills further defines happiness as the pleasure and absence of pain.This theory is better understood as a form of consequentialism whereby, right actions are better understood as a result of produced consequences.However, utilitarianism is not the same as egoism, since; utilitarianism is determined by the scope of the relevant consequences.Some of the reasons being that: the theory does not provide adequate protection for individual rights; happiness is more complex than it is depicted in the theory and not everything can be measured by the same standard.Mill stated that there is very minimal progress made in developing a set of standards of judging moral right and wrong.Mill stated that utilitarianism is hand in hand with the natural sentiments that originate from the social nature of people.Therefore, people would view these standards as morally binding if the society were to embrace utilitarianism.


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