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Throughout the formerly communist world, societies are struggling to build the institutions for democratic governance. The essay uses war and military discipline as metaphors that, as Thoreau would have it, can instruct us in how to order and conduct our lives.It’s in part a contrarian swipe at the many pacifist writers and lecturers whose teachings on “nonresistance” were then very much in vogue, in part thanks to Christian anarchist and pacifist Adin Ballou who spoke on the subject at the Concord Lyceum on occasion and who founded the New England Non-Resistance Society (of which William Lloyd Garrison was also a leader, and a Lyceum speaker as well).The tradition of legitimacy in government acts on the one hand to deter military interference in politics and on the other to counteract intervention should it threaten or occur.In countries with English legal traditions, but also in others like Switzerland or the Scandinavian states, the rule of law puts the military by definition under civilian authority and keeps it there.I have no doubt they had as just a cause, one or even both parties, as our forefathers, and that the results will be as important and memorable.And there was far more patriotism and heroism.” In the secular American religion of patriotism, this is high blasphemy.NATO has made civilian control a prerequisite for joining the Alliance.In encouraging democratization, the United States and other western powers use civilian control of the military as one measure of progress toward democratic process.Many Northern abolitionists who had pacifist (or even secessionist) leanings before the war came to strongly support the Union during the struggle. No, a squint through the fine print of the White House and Pentagon budget documents reveals that the true request for new military-spending authority comes to 9 billion. Kohn M O N G T H E O L D E S T problems of human governance has been the subordination of the military to political authority: how a society controls those who possess the ultimate power of coercion or physical force.


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