Mfa Creative Writing Reading List

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If you took some time off before applying to MFAs, maybe you feel rusty; you've been saving money working long hours and haven't been able to keep up with your normally rigorous reading regimen.

If you're fresh out of school, maybe you feel intimidated.

What if the other candidates have read every single Derek Walcott poem? What if you're the only student who hasn't published?

First of all, don't allow yourself to feel inadequate or inexperienced.

Funny, absurd, and lyrical, all of Davis’ stories are oddly relatable, since many of her characters are neurotic wrecks struggling with relationships and their own insecurities. I didn’t know you could get away with mentioning Radiohead in your poems, or cracking jokes about sex. In her “how to” book, Nettifee gives you some of the most valuable poetry writing tips you'll ever get.

Included are exercises, so if you’re stuck, these are pretty handy. Whether you’re studying fiction or poetry, you need a good short story collection to which you can always refer.If you are looking for some suggestions, here are 13 of them. Her poems are always surprising, beautiful, and deeply moving.If you are a poet, you should always aim to surprise your reader. This intimidating little salmon-colored book holds incredible short stories — ones that break the mold, yet are clearly written by a very disciplined person. At first, I wasn’t sure about Nettifee's prose, which seemed too chatty and playful to be impactful.During my years here, I’ve certainly grown as a writer and a teacher, and had the opportunity to build lasting relationships with people who have supported me in innumerable ways.But I also have remained aware of the problems within academia: there is a food pantry for graduate students in the room across from my office, for example, a lack of diversity within my program and many others, and a job market that dwindles every year.Once we do, perhaps we can venture a new, less normative distinction, based not on the writer’s educational background but on the system within which she earns (or aspires to earn) her living: MFA or NYC.Related read: Which Creates Better Writers: An MFA Program or New York City?Chad Harbach theorizes about how MFA programs are influencing both the craft and professional development of fiction writers, as well as impacting the landscape of publishing, in this viral essay.It’s time to do away with this distinction between the MFAs and the non-MFAs, the unfree and the free, the caged and the wild., a flash fiction reading series based out of Chicago. Although she’s a journalist, she’s ultimately a storyteller, a nonfiction writer who manages to recall vibrant, and telling memories. Lately, I’ve been all about this collection of poems. Whether you’re moving across the country to attend grad school or just moving because you hate how long it takes you to get to work, we’re all in some kind of state of metamorphosis. These stories are weird, tragic, ugly, primal, awesome, and gutsy. The Color Master, Bender’s latest collection of short stories, is filled with story after unexpected story about all kinds of flawed and quirky characters. Inspired by the notion that the decapitated head has two full minutes left of consciousness, Butler wrote a series of short stories from the perspective of famous (or infamous) people or characters who died by having their head chopped off.


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