Methods Of Solving Problems

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A good example of this was a new product challenge from a client to help them ‘invent a new iron.

Mattimore expands on this idea: “The seven key skills to be an effective creative problem solver that I detail in my book are: 1) curiosity 2) openness 3) a willingness to embrace ambiguity 4) the ability to identify and transfer principles across categories and disciplines 5) the desire to search for integrity in ideas, 6) the ability to trust and exercise “knowingness” and 7) the ability to envision new worlds (think Dr.

Seuss, Star Wars, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, etc.).”“As an individual contributor to problem solving it is important to exercise our curiosity, questioning, and visioning abilities,” advises Carella.

We got them to redefine the challenge as first: a) inventing new anti-wrinkle devices, and then b) inventing new garment care devices.” To understand the necessary skills in problem solving, you should first understand the types of thinking often associated with strong decision making.

Most problem solving techniques look for a balance between the following binaries: However, many of the most critical problem solving skills are “soft” skills: personal and interpersonal understanding, intuitiveness, and strong listening.


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