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Let performance anxiety get out of control, and you might stop blogging, never write another newsletter, feel nauseous each time you need to write a client email. Nothing bad happens if you miss it, and you can practice writing under pressure until you can handle the real deal. Publish it, send it to your client or post it to the web and be done with it. Here's one final tip before I wrap up: Don't make writing under pressure a habit.

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There are many possible causes, including anxiety, stress, or a simple lack of understanding of the material.

Below are some common causes of writer’s block, with some potential solutions.

It is not your own unique malady; it is a psychological condition known as writer’s block, encountered by many people all the time.

There are a lot of possible reasons for this condition: This list may go on and on; in fact, almost every situation may result in writer’s block. Some professional writers suffer from this condition for years; the others manage to fight back and overcome it.

You can gain a better understanding of the assignment through a combination of outside help and self-help: Have you done too much research?

Sometimes if you’ve done a lot of reading on a particular subject, beginning to write can be overwhelming.

Do not forget that if you have access to a writing centre, probably the best way to work through writer’s block is to meet with a writing centre instructor.

Are you having trouble understanding the assignment?

Everybody has a life outside school, and sometimes outside responsibilities and stress can prevent you from focusing on writing.

Here's what it feels like: You sit down to write and, you can't. Worse, it could absolutely destroy your business and bring it to its knees. I have an entire writing course for business owners. I can't stare at a blank page or indulge in writer's block or tell clients, "Sorry, I just wasn't inspired." I can't afford eccentricities so commonly associated with creative artist stereotypes. Pretending you have a strict deadline is a great way to train yourself to handle performance anxiety. Living in reality is a far nicer place, and it lets you accomplish your goals without stressing over every little imagined situation that could possibly go wrong (but almost never does). Take a deep breath, realize you can handle whatever happens and finish the work.


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