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Finding a clear argumentative writing definition is the beginning point of writing compelling persuasive essays.In brief, an argumentative paper is a form of academic writing that allows a student to carry out independent investigation into a topic with the aim of coming up with a collection, generation, and evaluation of evidence that will enable them to develop their own stand on the matter.

Instead, just tweak it so that it has a fresh angle that will leave the reader with another perspective to think about.

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For example, if you believe women should be given equal educational opportunities with men, that is a position to engage any person who believes the opposite.

Having a strong position forms the core of the definition of argumentative essay, and it allows you to “sell” your idea well through writing.

The next pillar that constitutes the nature and essence of an argumentative essay is your reasons.

One of the fundamental roadblocks your position will run into is the “why” question.The essay will have an outline that flows in the following manner: This section constitutes three key components namely: setting a general review of your topic; show the reader why this topic is beneficial to them and; state your thesis in a brief and narrow way that meets the instructions of your essay.The body provides you with the platform top explain reasons for your position and its corresponding evidence.Additionally, you can give evidence for your second reason by showing out that women are shouldering equally heavy financial responsibilities, for instance, widows.If they are denied equal opportunities to learn, and they end up as the sole breadwinners in their homes, their children’s needs will not decrease because their fathers died.You may, for instance, cite how the Nobel Prize winner the late Professor Wangare Mathaai of Kenya made a worldwide impact in environmental conservation.You can also cite influential women who have benefited from academic empowerment, for example, Angela Mickel, the current Chancellor of Germany.You get people to vacate their positions in favor of yours when you give them reasons.That is why if you don’t have strong reasons, your essay’s position won’t “sell” well.We help students with argumentative essays and other forms of academic assignments.Argumentative essays are a common assignment given by educators and are an exciting opportunity for you to practice the valuable skill of persuasion.


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