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She rented her economics and statistics textbooks for about each.

She rented her economics and statistics textbooks for about each.

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Mc Graw Hill Education did not respond to a request for comment, but its CEO David Levin told the Financial Times in August 2015 that "in higher ed, the era of the textbook is now over." The textbook industry insists the online systems represent a better deal for students."These digital products are not just mechanisms for students to submit homework, they offer all kinds of features," David Anderson, the executive director of higher education with the Association of American Publishers, told Buzz Feed News.

"It's very robust in helping students understand in a way that you can’t do with a print homework assignments."David Hunt, an associate professor in sociology at Augusta University, which has rolled out digital textbooks across its math and psychology departments, told Buzz Feed News that he understands the utility of using systems that require access codes.

New features of Smart Book 2.0 include: "Smart Book is a powerful tool for the hundreds of students I teach every semester — helping pinpoint knowledge gaps and focus their learning on concepts requiring additional study," said William Hoover, professor at Bunker Hill Community College, in a statement.

"My students are grasping core concepts and coming to class better prepared for advanced instruction.

While they could once buy second-hand textbooks, or share copies with friends, the digital systems are essentially impossible to avoid."When we talk about access codes we see it as the new face of the textbook monopoly, a new way to lock students around this system," said Ethan Senack, the higher education advocate for the U. Public Interest Research Group, to Buzz Feed News."Rather than $250 [for a print textbook] you’re paying $120," said Senack.

"But because it’s all digital it eliminates the used book market and eliminates any sharing and because homework and tests are through an access code, it eliminates any ability to opt out." Sarina Harper, a 19-year-old sophomore at Virginia Tech, was faced with a tough dilemma when she first started college in 2015 — pay rent or pay to turn in her chemistry homework.

It would be bad to start out at a B or C."Wolverton said he spent 0 on access codes for digital books and programs this semester.

Harper, a pre-veterinarian animal and poultry science major, is taking chemistry again this year and had to buy a new access code to hand in her homework.

But he doesn't require his students to buy access to a learning program that controls the class assignments."I try to make things as inexpensive as possible," said Hunt who uses free digital textbooks for his classes but designs his own curriculum.

"[The online systems] may make my life a lot easier but I feel like I'm giving up control.


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