Mba Thesis Projects Finance

In today's business environment, the skills of the project manager have never been more in demand.

Organisations, businesses and governments are becoming increasingly aware of the strategic importance of effective project management for gaining a competitive advantage.

It is currently expanding rapidly in continental Europe and the rest of the world.

With the growing internationalisation of the world economy, an increasing number of companies and organisations require top managers to have an MBA Degree.

The 10.000-word thesis is a major part of the MBA and a student not submitting an up-to-standard thesis will not be awarded the MBA.

The thesis must be submitted by the completion of the MBA programme and the Research must be based on the specialisation of the particular MBA Programme.The degree covers not only Business Administration per se, but also a variety of subjects, all of which are of vital importance to managers in business and the public sector.The CIM (BVI) MBA programme is action-oriented and is designed to accelerate the managerial and leadership development process of candidates.No Reason for acceptance or rejection will be given to candidates or to anyone else.The Institute reserves the right to vary its admission criteria from time to time.The Academic Registrar is responsible for the interpretation of the admission criteria and may impose other conditions to be satisfied before admission.Exams are held at approved Overseas Centres EVERY JUNE and JANUARY.The CIM (BVI) MBA degree in the rapidly growing area of Project Management will help you develop skills that are highly sought-after globally in a wide variety of sectors, from IT and construction, healthcare, energy, financial and professional services, to non-governmental organisations, retail and manufacturing.This distance-learning MBA is particularly suited for professionals who need to be able to run complex projects with a range of stakeholders, managing all phases to time and to budget.Students are NOT allowed to sit for the exams before the lapse of 6 months from the date of registration into the programme.Students wishing to enter for the examinations MUST complete an examination entry form (EEF79) and send it to the Institute at least by 30** Please note that the Institute reserves the right to change the fees, syllabus and regulations at any time.


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