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You might have read lots of case studies over the years without realizing your business could benefit from them.Lots of entrepreneurs are put off by the hard work and long hours required to build a marketing case study.The list is not exhaustive but chosen to illustrate the type of projects we complete and the quality of our work from the point of view of our clients.

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Did you know that Jeff Bezos, founder of, envisioned his company as being as big as the Amazon River, thus the name? Eight years after its beginning in 1995, recorded a whopping five billion dollars in sales! Let's take a look at where it all began and what's management has done to make it happen.

Even facing competition from brick and mortar retailers and other online e-commerce sites, is a leader in the retail industry and is branching out into other web services. For those of you who might not be aware, has branched out from where they started as the 'Earth's Biggest Bookstore.' Now, they are involved with grocery delivery, prime instant video, Fire TV, and even fashion.'s success comes in large part due to a vision for the company to concentrate on the long term rather than trying to make big bucks quickly. They want to make sure customers are able to find and purchase what they need, when they need it, without having to wade through technology that doesn't work or isn't user-friendly.

which was fantastic)Attention to detail, great customer service (friendly, helpful staff), willing to accommodate last minute changes AND call attention to errors (qual vendor made mistake with time of interview and Civicom caught the error).

In this section you will find representative case studies.

Below is a video by Neil Patel that illustrates why you need to quit copying digital marketing strategies.

Marketing case studies show how you tackled a problem and overcame it on behalf of your customer or client. The more detail you give, the more authority you create for your company — and the more your leads will trust your expertise.

That's all well and good, but how do they know which pods to use and which are ineffective? has created a culture of metrics, which are data collected from measurements of customer decisions.

This means all of their decisions are based on data rather than intuition.

If you find a web site that caters to your needs, why would you go anywhere else?

One of the innovations initiated was using a fluid web design where blocks (or pods) can be swapped or moved to another part of the page quickly.


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