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(When I attended a Bill of Rights Institute workshop at an NCSS conference, I asked the presenter who funds their organization.“Donations,” she replied.) With assets of more than billion, the Koch brothers, who control Koch Industries, are together richer than Bill Gates. Harry Koch, the grandfather of Charles Koch, was a printer, and some time following his arrival in Quanah, bought a local struggling printer, which also published the local newspaper, the “Tribune Chief”. Charles apparently got the message, and went to work for his father’s firm.

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Two non-teachers will be there, too: Charles and David Koch, the notorious right-wing billionaires.

Well, the Kochs won’t be there in person, but they will be represented by a Koch-funded and controlled organization: the Arlington, Virginia-based Bill of Rights Institute.

Until 2013, the Bill of Rights Institute president was the Koch operative Tony Woodlief, who headed the Market-Based Management Institute in the Kochs’ hometown of Wichita, Kansas, and served as president of the Mercatus Center.

The Bill of Rights Institute says it offers “engaging educational games, videos, and activities for people of all ages, and classroom lesson plans for teachers across the country.” The institute holds essay contests for students and promotes free teacher seminars throughout the United States—on topics like “Being an American,” “Preserving the Bill of Rights,” and “Heroes and Villains: The Quest for Civic Virtue.” Their promotional materials boast that the BRI has offered sessions for 18,000 teachers and provided materials for another 40,000.

His father had also attended MIT, and had earned his B. Over the years, Charles Koch has been an outstanding executive, especially if measured by the growth of Koch Industries.

Little, his father summoned him home to help him manage the medium sized oil company, his father then owned and managed.For years, the Bill of Rights Institute has shown up at NCSS conferences to offer curriculum workshops, distribute teaching materials, and collect the names of interested educators.What the Bill of Rights Institute representatives fail to mention when they speak with teachers is that they have been the conduit for millions of dollars from Charles and David Koch, as the brothers seek to influence the country’s social studies curriculum.In 2010, it partnered with the New York State Office of Cultural Education to establish the New Netherland Research Center, with matching funds from the State of the Netherlands.This month in Boston, thousands of teachers will gather for the annual National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) conference.He is a founder and director of the Cato Institute, and supports other similar organizations. They have two children, a daughter Elizabeth and a son Chase. Charles has received many awards and recognitions, most for his largesse and involvement in social, economic, cultural and political organizations.His biggest academic beneficiary of his largesse has been George Mason University, in northern Virginia, near Washington D. He was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science degree by George Mason University, an honorary Doctor of Law degree by Babson College, and an Honorary Doctor of Commerce degree by Washburn University.In addition he has received over 20 other citations and awards from other organizations for his contributions. Koch, E-BOOKS AVAILABLE FROM AMAZON; GOOGLE: Kindle Store Pegels PROMINENT DUTCH AMERICANS, CURRENT AND HISTORIC EIGHT PROMINENT DUTCH AMERICAN FAMILIES: THE ROOSEVELTS, VANDERBILTS AND OTHERS, 2015 FIFTEEN PROMINENT DUTCH AMERICAN FAMILIES: THE VAN BURENS, KOCH BROTHERS, VOORHEES AND OTHERS, 2015 PROMINENT DUTCH AMERICANS IN U. GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP POSITIONS, 2015 DUTCH PEGELS INVOLVED IN WARS ALLIED EUROPE CAMPAIGN—1944/1945: TACTICAL MISTAKES, 2017 THE SECOND WORLD WAR IN THE NETHERLANDS: MEMOIRS, 2017 FRENCH REVOLUTION, NAPOLEON AND RUSSIAN WAR OF 1812, 2015 Private Enterprise, by Stephen Moore, id=110008343 Koch History, Stock of the Koch Machine, Part I, For over three decades, NNI has helped cast light on America's Dutch roots.He probably moved around quite a bit as a child because his father, who then was a petroleum engineer, moved around quite a bit because of his chosen career. He remained at MIT, and did his graduate work on mechanical and nuclear engineering. But before the end of his presidency of Koch Engineering, in 1966, his father appointed him to the presidency of the entire company.When he was ready to go to college, Charles enrolled at Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to study engineering. Charles’ major was general engineering and he graduated with a B. In the following year, in 1967, his father passed away, and Charles became the chairman and chief executive officer [CEO] of the firm, which was then renamed Koch Industries, a name the firm holds until today.


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