Marijuana In Canada Essay

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Toronto’s police force will ban most officers from using marijuana within 28 days of reporting for a shift.You will face a fine of at least 1,000 Canadian dollars.Ontario, Canada’s most-populous province, will have privately run stores starting on April 1.

Legal marijuana will have lower levels of THC, the chemical that brings on the buzz, than most products now on the black market.

The law will not allow cannabis-infused edibles and concentrates until next year.

In Ontario, that means streets as well as parks, but in British Columbia, smoking isn’t allowed in parks or on community beaches.

In Halifax, there will be designated toking zones.“Somebody has to build an app that will give guidance on what the rules are in that specific geographic area, because it is confusing,” said Trina Fraser, an Ottawa-based commercial lawyer who specializes in cannabis.

“People will figure it out where they live, but where it will get complicated is if you are traveling for business or pleasure.”Across Canada, many hotels and rental landlords are banning marijuana.

But illegal marijuana cafes and lounges have thrived for years in Canadian cities like Vancouver, Toronto and Windsor, Ontario. Still, in much of the country, most marijuana consumption will take place in homes, behind closed doors.Any plants that can be viewed from a public space solicit a fine of 5,000 Canadian dollars or three months in jail. But the severity of enforcement will depend on your job.Employees who handle dangerous products or operate heavy machinery may face stepped-up or new drug tests.In some provinces, weed will be legally sold only in government stores; in others, only in private stores; and in others there will be a mix.No bar or restaurant will be able to sell marijuana, at least not at first.Alberta will have 17, all private also, but the government will offer online sales.On legalization day, only fresh or dried flower, seeds, plants and oil will be available.Cannabis counselors — government employees — will advise on, among things, which marijuana strains induce relaxation or euphoria, as well as possible harmful effects.Saskatchewan will have 51 stores, all privately run.Some in Montreal, for example, are offering two joints for the price of one.The legal age for marijuana use will be 19 in most provinces, and 18 in Quebec, although its newly elected government has vowed to raise the minimum age to 21.


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