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Attitude modification focuses on modifying one’s attitude, as opposed to modifying one’s thoughts or behaviors.For example, a client who is grieving a recent loss might be encouraged to adopt a new attitude towards the loss in order to process their situation better.All three of these techniques underscore logotherapy’s focus on meaning by helping clients identify what actually gives their lives meaning, and what they should focus on in turn.

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Logotherapy is considered to be the third school of Viennese psychotherapy, along with Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis and Alfred Adler’s individual psychology.

Logotherapy is defined by the idea that humans are motivated by a “will to meaning” as opposed to the “will to pleasure” and “will to power” highlighted by Freud and Adler, respectively (Ameli & Dattilio, 2013).

logotherapy has developed methods for working with clients who suffer from phobias in their sexual behavior, have incurable diseases, or lead empty and meaningless lives” (Faramarzi & Bavali, 2017).

This shows the variety of contexts logotherapy can apply to.

Some of these techniques include paradoxical intention, dereflection, and attitude modification (Ameli & Dattilio, 2013).

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Paradoxical intention is a technique similar to exposure therapy where a client uses humor to get over their greatest fear.In other words, logotherapy is a type of psychotherapy that believes that lack of meaning causes mental health issues, so it attempts to help people find meaning in order to help solve their problems.Logotherapy is also closely related to existential analysis (Frankl, 1958).For example, a logotherapist might help a client move their focus from the negative things in their life (like money troubles) to the motivating things or people in their lives (like the family members they want to make money for), in order to foster a goal-oriented lifestyle.Dereflection is most often used with maladaptive neuroses such as sexual disorders, though.This article will walk through what logotherapy is and how it is conducted, and will also review the modern-day relevance of logotherapy if any.The main idea behind logotherapy is “that lack of meaning is the chief source of stress as well as anxiety, and logotherapy aids the patients to reach the meaning of life” (Faramarzi & Bavali, 2017).Logotherapy can be used by itself to treat a mental health disorder, as most early psychotherapy was used.It can also be used in a positive psychology context to help people with no discernible mental health disorders live a life with meaning, and in turn higher levels of well-being.Logotherapists believe that a lack of meaning can lead to “emptiness, hopelessness, or despair”, so they try to help people find meaning “through ‘creative values’, ‘experiential values’, and ‘attitudinal values’” (Ameli & Dattilio, 2013).The techniques used in logotherapy underline this mission.


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