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If it isn't a spelling mistake (NB: makeup isn't), then you should use the one-word version as it is the most efficient and is highly likely to be the most current version of the noun. In summary, you should opt for makeup over make-up and make up.

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These days allow you to submit an assignment up to two days late without penalty.I really do hope you consider this email as make-up for the blog posts I have missed, and I thank you for your time and patience.The word makeup is a compound noun, which means it is a noun comprising at least two words. Students may NOT make-up points lost due to unexcused absences or non-suits.Students must make prior arrangements and schedule a make-up with their teacher. Students must be dressed-down in Fitness clothes and on-time as arranged with their teacher, in order to participate in the make-up activity.In addition to the make up run, students can also earn back points lost due to an absence by completing a one-page typed essay.Each essay is due within five days of the absence and must reflect his or her current unit of study. Once you’ve exhausted your flex days, then point deductions will occur for any assignment submitted after the deadline.An assignment submitted 24 hours of the due date will only be eligible for 80% of the maximum number of point allotted.” Well first of all, I am not doing so well in Professor Savonick’s English 110 class, so I could use a small boost in my grade and I hope you can assist me with this.Furthermore, I have been doubling my work efforts in since the second part of this semester trying to keep my grade from sinking anymore than it already has.


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