Main Thesis Of The World Is Flat

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and Mesopotamian thought, the world was portrayed as a disk floating in the ocean.

A similar model is found in the Homeric account from the 8th century BC in which "Okeanos, the personified body of water surrounding the circular surface of the Earth, is the begetter of all life and possibly of all gods." Scholars who believe that Hebrew cosmology came from the cosmologies of the Ancient Near Eastern cultures around them maintain that the Israelites also imagined the Earth to be a disc floating on water with an arched firmament above it that separated the Earth from the heavens.

The egg reference, however, was rather meant to clarify the relative position of the flat Earth to the heavens: In a passage of Zhang Heng's cosmogony not translated by Needham, Zhang himself says: "Heaven takes its body from the Yang, so it is round and in motion.

Earth takes its body from the Yin, so it is flat and quiescent".

By assuming the Earth was flat, they arrived at a distance of 100,000 li (approximately 200,000 km).

The Zhoubi Suanjing also discusses how to determine the distance of the Sun by measuring the length of noontime shadows at different latitudes, a method similar to Eratosthenes' measurement of the circumference of the Earth, but the Zhoubi Suanjing assumes that the Earth is flat. Around 330 BC, Aristotle maintained on the basis of physical theory and observational evidence that the Earth was spherical, and reported an estimate of its circumference.

As noted by Gulf News, many people consider these claims ridiculous, and scandalous since the thesis firmly rejects ALL modern science.

Others, however, have found it extremely disturbing since the thesis was written by a Ph. science student, and the professor is the ‘highest’ in academia.“Indeed, we find in the conclusions of the thesis clear indications of this stand and approach, expressions such as: “using physical and religious arguments”, “also proving the world scale of [Noah’s] flood”, “proposed a new kinematic approach that conforms to the verses of the Quran”, “the roles of the stars are: (1) to be ornaments of the sky; (2) to stone the devils; and (3) as signs to guide creatures in the darkness of earth”; and finally “the geo-centric model…

In the early fourth century BC Plato wrote about a spherical Earth, and by about 330 BC his former student Aristotle provided evidence for the spherical shape of the Earth on empirical grounds.

Knowledge of the spherical Earth gradually began to spread beyond the Hellenistic world from then on.


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