Macbeth Compelling Drama Essay

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At this point Banquo's ghost appears unobserved and takes Macbeth's seat.

The guests urge Macbeth to sit and eat with them but Macbeth says that the table is full.

Alone at Macbeth's court, Banquo voices his suspicions that Macbeth has killed Duncan in order to fulfill the witches' prophesies.

He muses that perhaps the witches' vision for his own future will also be realized, but pushes the thought from his mind.

He informs Macbeth that Banquo is dead but Fleance has escaped.

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Shaken, Macbeth thanks him for what he has done and arranges another meeting on the following day.

When Lennox points to Macbeth's empty seat, Macbeth is shocked to see Banquo’s ghost.

He addresses the ghost, saying, "Thou canst not say I did it. The guests, confused by his behavior, think that he is ill.

Alone on stage, Lady Macbeth expresses her unhappiness: there seems to be no end to her desire for power and she feels insecure and anxious.

Macbeth enters looking upset and she counsels him to stop mulling over the crimes they have committed.


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