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Is that what I could use to do an online check in with them?

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Is seems unfair to me that the airline can spring this on one after the fact. So, if we do the online check-in on United as soon as it is available, we'll be able to get seats?

When you check in online for the return flights on Lufthansa, check in with Lufthansa using its record locator, not with United.

We usually have one or two trips a year that involve Lufthansa flights, and I wouldn't have known about this if I hadn't seen that FT thread.

I'm not sure if this is a system issue or an intentional decision that limits the ability to pay for seat assignments to Lufthansa ticket stock--I'm guessing maybe the former, as the latter would seem to diminish the revenue potential.At this point I'd be happy with even just getting a regular seat assignment without an upgrade so I could try for window or aisle seats in regular economy because I am guessing that if we wait until check-in for seat assignments we'll be stuck in regular economy with middle seats in the four person middle aisle seats. But with LH you cannot choose your seats in eco until check-in (23hrs before departure time, sometimes 1-2hrs earlier).And, I am dreading two long flights like that, especially since the first flight departs at . When online check-in is possible for departures from Bangalore (check LH's website), you just need to get the Lufthansa app and check in those 23 hrs in advance.I've flown code shares before (on other airlines) and have never run into this.So, if we do the online check-in on United as soon as it is available, we'll be able to get seats?If your trip is far enough out, maybe this will get fixed in the meantime?? I was able to use the LH site to reserve seats on LH flights for my last trip (also booked through UA), but I had a fare that qualified for complimentary seat reservations. Wait, maybe it doesn't matter: "Economy Class passengers can reserve seats in advance on all flights operated by Lufthansa ..." according to the LH link.It is the seat-change fee that requires an LH flight number.The wiki at the top of the ft thread says that UA can't process payment for the advance-seat-res fee.Apparently, you can't pay that fee directly to LH because UA issued the ticket.What you can do right now, though, is to get a confirmed seating preference (window/aisle) for an extra fee (via LH website).But as you cannot select a specific seat, I don't find these extra costs good value for money.


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