Loan Assignment

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Unlike an absolute assignment — which pretty much assigns the policy lock, stock, and barrel with no possibility of reversal — the collateral assignment is a more limited type of transfer.

If you die before the loan is paid back, the lender receives the amount that is still owed through the death benefit.

Once the loan is paid off, you can cancel the policy or keep it going and continue to protect your family.

Let’s say you purchase $300,000 of term life insurance coverage.

Essentially, the assignment is subject to the negotiations and agreement between you and the lender.

The collateral assignment of a life insurance policy is conditional.That’s where assigning a life insurance policy comes into play.It’s a useful feature that guarantees the money will be paid back, no matter what.Either way, using life insurance as collateral to secure a loan is a fairly common practice that every insurance company can handle. Go to your bank and find out what their requirements are and what kinds of loans they offer.Loans are most often backed by the Small Business Administration and sold by larger banks like Wells Fargo, Chase, or Bank of America. Here is a list of the most active Lenders of SBA 7(a) General Small Business Loans.Eventually, you go to your bank for a 0,000 loan and use a collateral assignment on the policy as partial collateral.Your children are named as the beneficiaries on your life insurance policy.Did you know your life insurance policy can help you get a loan?Lenders widely accept life insurance as collateral because of the guaranteed funds, so if the worst happens, they’re still going to get repaid.The remaining balance is then directed to any other named beneficiaries.And the policy has to stay current, meaning you need to keep up with paying all the necessary premiums for the life of the loan.


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