Llm Thesis Proposal

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The information below is for students apply to the Research LLM and Ph D degrees.

There is a different application and process for the Professional LLM Programs offered through Osgoode Professional Development (including the Canadian Common Law and the International Business LLM programs).

Directed Research credit may be added through Wednesday, September 18 for Fall 2019, and Wednesday, February 5 for Spring 2020.

The usual allocation for Directed Research is two credits.

A three-credit Directed Research project is highly unusual and requires the approval of Vice Dean Randy Hertz.

Students considering a 3-credit Directed Research should contact the Office of Graduate Affairs to discuss.To undertake Directed Research, students contact individual instructors and agree on a research project.To register, a written proposal must be approved and signed by the instructor, and then submitted to the Office of Graduate Affairs.Please note the thesis designation is for a single research paper agreed upon in advance.The student is required to submit an outline and at least one FULL PRE-FINAL draft to the faculty member in order to receive the thesis notation.Read further about Requirements for Directed Research Students may register for Directed Research during the summer semester.The summer registration deadlines is July 1, unless there is approval by the Vice Dean to add at a later date.Such requests should be initiated by contacting the Office of Graduate Affairs and will only be considered if your credit load (not including the Directed Research credits) does not drop below minimum requirements after the add/drop period.Students who are granted permission to late-add Directed Research will not be permitted to drop courses if the result is inconsistent with the above; please plan your schedule accordingly.Regardless of the type of project involved, students are, of course, expected to submit original, non-duplicative work.When in doubt about proper use of a citation or quotation, discuss the issue with the instructor.


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