Literature Review On Islamic Banking

The results of this study are expected to provide a research mapping of CSR in Islamic Financial Institution, so it can inspire the subsequent research to explore potential areas related to this topic. This attempt becomes increasingly necessary, with regards to the rapid development of Islamic business and finance practices around the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Islamic Financial Institutions (IFIs): Management Perceptions from IFIs in Bahrain.

Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting, Vol.

Ethics in Business and Management: Islamic and Mainstream Approaches: 97-109.

Islamic Ethics in A Changing Environment for Managers.

CSR's Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility Practice in Islamic Banking: A Review.

How do We Measure Corporate Social Responsibility of Islamic Banks through their Business Processes and Oriented Outcomes? International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, Vol. Maqasid Al-shari'ah, Maslahah and Corporate Social Responsibility. The Determinants of Social Accountability Disclosure: Evidence from Islamic Banks Around The World. Most of the studies is still dominated by qualitative research with literature review method. The majority topic is still limited to the general review of the existing CSR practices, which are descriptively presented only. Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure: A Comparison Between Islamic and Conventional Financial Institutions in Bahawalpur Region. An Introspect into The Islamic Roots of CSR in The Middle East: The Case of Savola Group in Egypt. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Vol. Corporate Social Responsibility of Islamic Financial Institutions and Businesses: Optimizing Charity Value. International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, Vol. The literature review is presented into 5 sections, (a) review by journal and publication year, (b) by research type, (c) by methodology used, (d) by research topics and (e) by theme and region. What We Know and Don’t Know About Corporate Social Responsibility A Review and Research Agenda. Based on the review by publication year, it shows that the concept of CSR is still a fairly new topic.


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