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If the guidelines indicate that a review proposal instead of a finished manuscript should be submitted for consideration, follow those instructions with precision, providing exactly what is requested in the formats specified.

Details about the length, structure, formatting and content of review articles or the proposals for them should be noted, including the preferred documentation style for in-text citations and the list of references, and any restrictions on the number of sources that can be reviewed in a single review article.

Peer-reviewed books, articles and reports are usually the preferred sources for journal review articles, but any publication that makes a significant contribution to the body of research can usually be included.

You may find that your topic, focus or scope changes somewhat as you get a clearer picture of what has been published, so be aware that this is normal: searching for sources is part of the process of refining a subject for review.

As the author of a literature review article intended for journal publication, you are acting as an expert on the topic you are reviewing, and therefore as someone who is able to identify and explain important details that others might miss, so you must thoroughly understand all aspects of each study’s content and thoughtfully assess the value of its contributions and implications.

Focussing on material and ideas directly related to your topic or research question will be wise, but publications reporting results and arguments that disagree with or contradict your own line of reasoning must be read and evaluated along with those that support your perspective.If you have to write an undergraduate dissertation, you may be required to begin by writing a literature review.A literature review is a search and evaluation of the available literature in your given subject or chosen topic area.However, if you are working with a predetermined set of criteria as established in a systematic review, you will need to adhere to it in order to avoid or minimise bias.4.Read the individual studies selected for your review carefully and critically, analysing their methodologies, results and conclusions, and evaluating their contributions to knowledge and research techniques in the field.This step will probably already have begun before you consulted the journal guidelines in Step 1 and it may still be in progress as you search for studies to review in Step 3: these three initial steps often overlap each other considerably.Your focus, topic or research problem or question could be chosen based on a number of different factors, but your ability to do the subject justice should certainly be among them, and so should the potential usefulness of your review for fellow researchers and other readers of the journal, so give serious thought to what sort of review your anticipated audience will want to read.Without it, the work required to become familiar with the scholarship in a field or on a specific topic, analyse it critically and objectively, and then write about it with authority and interpretive wisdom can be monumental and more than a little intellectually challenging.For this and other reasons, many journals prefer to invite experienced experts to write literature reviews, but some journals will accept unsolicited review articles or consider author proposals for literature reviews of research areas relevant to their publication aims and scope.If you submit a proposal to a journal editor, you may receive feedback that suggests adjustments to your intended focus or scope, so be prepared to reconsider your plans somewhat and alter them when necessary or desirable.3.Do a thorough search for publications relevant to your topic.


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