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Literary Analysis Essay Odyssey-42
The repetition implies that it hasn't been effective and that Telemachus still feels insecure about his position here.This entreaty to the gods and councillors wouldn't be necessary if Telemachus had control of the situation, and in emphasizing the fact that he doesn't, Homer makes it all too clear that Telemachus can't live up to his father.

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Telemachus leveled this same threat at the end of Book I.

In a classic Greek tragedy, hubris would be the primary character flaw of a hero, but in A prophet and friend of Odysseus who, like Mentor, remained in Ithaca to help Telemachus while his father was at war.

Like Penelope's soothsayer, his ability to read the future is questionable, but is used by Homer as a way to foreshadow things that take place later in the poem.

This is the third use of this phrase to describe dawn.

In an oral culture in which the poet must remember accurately hundreds of lines, a phrase like this--always used to describe dawn--is easy to commit to memory and creates an image in the minds of listeners that just the word Homer uses this construction almost as a refrain.


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