List Of Problems Solved By Macgyver

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Whether you are a fan of the classic 80s series or the recent reboot, the very mention of the name Mac Gyver should get your creative juices flowing.

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Nowadays I hear that hes part of a secret arm of the United States Air Force that battles crazy telepathic Egyptian Aliens and warps around the universe in Star Gates or something along those lines, but I cant really speak competently about any of that stuff.

What makes Mac Gyver different than most badass action/adventure heroes out there is that he isnt the sort of guy kicks down a door, sprays automatic weapons fire all over the fucking place, snaps some dudes neck with his bare hands and then breaks a massive cinderblock over his head for no reason at all.

Not to mention, he always has his ever-present Swiss Army Knife, apparently never-ending supply of duct tape and, on occasion, matches.

The series' cultural impact was huge, so much so that Mac Gyver is actually listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.

And the actor who played him, Richard Dean Anderson, studied theater at Ohio University just like I did, which the professors there were always reminding us.

Now I don't have to watch it because I found a great Wikipedia entry called List of problems solved by Mac Gyver They write: Mac Gyver employs his resourcefulness and his knowledge of chemistry, physics, technology and outdoorsmanship to resolve what are often life or death crises.Mac smears pine pitch on pine cones to make "land mines".He then buries a sack of these mines on the road and throws a flaming cone under the villain's car to make the sack and the car explode.His solution is to use every engineer's favorite tool - duct tape.Angus Mac Gyver is an award-winning chemist and physicist who basically is the action-hero equivalent of Mister Wizard, Indiana Jones, Billy Nye the Science Guy, James Bond, and both Mythbusters all wrapped up in a leather jacket and a glorious head of feathered blonde hair.Babies as any parent will tell you, tend to consume a lot of resources and, create an inconceivable amount of mess for their diminutive size.Being caught short, literally and figurately, Mac Gyver needs to think creatively to change the baby's diaper.He was, once upon a time, both a highly capable physicist and U. Army Special forces Bomb Team Technician/EOD during the Vietnam War.Every episode of the series finds Mac Gyver needing to put his exceptional knowledge of physical sciences to solve complex problems by utilizing common objects around him.Early in his career as a counter-terrorist asskicker, Mac Gyver served with the U. Military Bomb Disposal Team in Vietnam and Afghanistan before joining the Department of External Services (DXS), where he worked as a top-level secret agent, spending his work days turning coffee mugs into high-explosive hand grenades and neutralizing weapons-grade biotoxins with orange juice and freshly-squeezed goat milk.After several years with DXS, he later became part of a humanitarian organization known as The Phoenix Foundation, where Mac continued being awesome and whipping the balls off of injustice and evil across the globe.


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