Legal Research Paper Topics

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You will substantively engage with health law issues primarily during the process of using and responding to primary and secondary authorities in your own paper.

Major papers may seem like yet one more law school hoop to jump through.

You can research and write on the topic you choose, building and demonstrating expertise where you want. Those requirements are explained and specified in the documents below.

Most students write research papers in law school to satisfy the Upper Level Advanced Research and Writing Requirement (Long Paper) requirement for a J. A lot of skilled and talented people at universities find themselves in a situation where they have to write a large final thesis at least once during their studies.

Your outline should identify your working thesis, and provide the framework you will use in expounding upon it.

Legal Research Paper Topics

Your thesis is a succinct and carefully-bounded statement of a problem or issue, along with your solution and/or suggestions for change or improvement. After identifying your thesis, provide a general layout of how your will prove your thesis, including general background information that will help an intelligent reader who is unfamiliar with your subject to understand the issue and identification of key arguments you’ll be making and points you’ll be addressing.4.

While we have set a deadline for submissions, feel free to get a "curbside consult" or "bounce off" tentative ideas earlier. Your topic and claim may evolve over the course of the semester. This preliminary research will soon reveal the major issues and sub-issues included in your topic.

Your bibliography should separately list: (a) primary legal authorities, (b) secondary legal authorities, (c) non-legal authorities, and (d) any materials that you have difficulty obtaining.

I understand that you may not yet have read or even obtained all these sources.

I further understand that you will identify additional sources during the process of writing and editing. While you are only submitting a bibliography at this stage, you should already be writing your paper.


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