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With time, it becomes more difficult to present a clear definition of terrorism from the left and terrorism from the right.“Terrorist groups of the extreme “left” have often become aggressively nationalistic, whereas those of the far right are second to none with their ardent anticapitalism and anti-Americanism.” (Laqueur, 2003) However, the number of deaths caused by both terroristic attacks from the left and from the right is almost the same.In 2017, with Trump’s Twitter-fueled reign of terror in full swing, he released a follow-up explaining why he did not regret his decision.

With time, it becomes more difficult to present a clear definition of terrorism from the left and terrorism from the right.

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Terrorism is one of the burning problems in the United States.

After the events of September 11, 2001, many writers try to analyze, investigate, and classify the sources, reasons, and consequences of terrorism.

“Defining terrorism is a difficult but not impossible task.” (Simonsen and Spindlove, 2006) Scientists offer lots of captivating ideas, which define terrorism mostly like one of the styles of violence aiming to change people’s attitude and behavior to a certain problem.

Usually, terrorism is not collective but small groups’ activities.

Right-wing terrorism is also called neo-fascist terrorism has nothing in common with liberal democracy.

The major purpose of this type of terrorism is to create a kind of fascist state.

There is no clear explanation why people are engaged into terrorism.

Like in politics, the idea to use terrorism is usually caused by some psychological considerations.

In comparison to right-wing terrorism, where the base of operations is concentrated on rural areas in different camps, left-wing terroristic representatives prefer urban areas and organize all work within safehouses.

(Smith 1994) While terrorism from the left struggle for some political principles, the representatives of terrorism from the right fight for their religious beliefs.


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