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It should be an in-depth study of the field/s of literature related to the dissertation and how it has informed or is corrected by the dissertation. In the case of theory dissertations and secondary/tertiary research, the substantive chapters may engage in ongoing dialogue with the literature, in which case a separate literature review chapter may not be necessary.How to Write a Literature Review The main body of your dissertation is comprised of sequential substantive chapters.What else it contains can vary by discipline and level.

Though the exact structure of your dissertation depends upon your field and on your department’s specific requirements, the overall structure of a dissertation is fairly standard.

Typically, the beginning and the conclusion follow the same guidelines in nearly all fields.

The number of chapters varies according to the length of your dissertation but the average is from three to five.

The idea of the chapter structure is very much like the paragraphs of an essay in that each should address a different aspect of the dissertation you are presenting in your dissertation but never lose sight of the main argument.

The body of the dissertation, however, contains variations from field to field.

Review the basic structure of a dissertation, and get yours underway.Many departments require that the final dissertation be submitted in a specific style such as Harvard or Oxford Referencing.Your conclusion should summarise the points made in the argument and provide a synthesis of thought on the main thesis.This is mandatory if the dissertation consists of primary quantitative or qualitative research, but may not be needed in dissertations in theory subjects or focused on secondary or tertiary research.The importance and size of this section varies with discipline and with the method chosen.Some dissertations contain primary research such as laboratory studies, surveys or a case-study conducted by the author.Others present a sequential argument from which a conclusion is deduced, such as a point-by-point critique of an author’s work.As well as setting out the method used, this section should also explain why it has been chosen in preference over other methods, and how it was deployed in the substantive research.Also remember to discuss any questions of research ethics which arise.Some (particularly qualitative and secondary) dissertations will also include a separate theory chapter, which is similar to the method chapter and sets out the theories used to interpret evidence.How to Write a Dissertation Methodology Again usually mandatory for primary research and some other topics, a literature review surveys the current state of the literature on the dissertation area or areas, and explains why the dissertation is original and fills a hole in the literature.


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