Lawn Care Business Plan Template

Lawn Care Business Plan Template-20
All our products and services are positioned at the high end of the market in terms quality, and the mid to small scale end in terms of size and price. Corrective applications are provided if the customer is not satisfied.

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We will rely initially on our knowledge of the local community and top-quality landscaping skills.

Initial outreach will involve direct canvassing of the neighborhood.

This is done to ensure a happy and ever widening customer base. Ethical conditions As per our ethical practices we provide a complete refund if we fall short of the promised services.

We not only provide educational seminars to lawn owners but also seasonal information on proper lawn care.

You were able to start working in month 3, but then it takes 40 days on average to get paid by your customers, so you don’t actually receive any payment until month 4.

With the current situation you run out of cash in month 2 and have a negative cash balance for the first 6 months as seen below: So at this point your best option is to seek a small business loan for your company.So let’s add a ,000 loan to your projections that we assume is from your friends and family.This solves your cash flow problem for a while, but the first year you were using your old truck and a fairly slow and limited lawnmower.Now let’s assume that you are in the commercial lawn mowing business, so you spend the winter months going from business to business signing contracts for the coming year.Let’s assume you are able to get 50 business customers and the average customer will be charged for one hour of your service each time you mow.If it was not for the seasonality of the business, your cash balance would have remained positive, but you must remember that you won’t generate any revenue during certain months of the year, and you must built that into your financial projections. is a lawn care corporation headquartered at 11 Seventh Street, Pelham, NY 10803 in a 100 square foot office.The challenge for the average lawn care service is that it is a really simple business to start, but it is actually very difficult to manage cash flow to sustain the business.So today, I wanted to use Projection Hub – Business Loan Level to create a set of 24 month financial projections for a lawn care business.Now you need to enter your general monthly expenses which you can see vary by month just as your revenue varies by month. Let’s assume you purchase a lawnmower in month 1 for ,000.Now that we have added all of the needed info let’s check out our cash flow statement and see how the business is doing.


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