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These steps cannot be expected to lead to viability and profitability.

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At a minimum, you will need a cell phone, a laptop and an internet connection, but that's only the start. Webpage There are low cost services available to obtain a domain name and have someone design your webpage.

You can be cost conscious, but don't skimp on your webpage.

The basics of any business plan include: Making Your Practice Virtual Since your proposed clients will find you by searching the web for a particular kind of attorney, you will need to specialize. Your niche market will dictate the structure for your virtual firm, everything from the look of your webpage to the services you offer.

Once you have a plan and your niche market, you can start your virtual firm.

But before you take the bold step into the cyber world, there are some important considerations to weigh. Contrary to what you might think there's no single business model that applies to virtual law firms.

There are variations that depend on the services provided and the type of practice involved.In response, firms have introduced two important new capabilities: Project management and process improvement are essentially tactical approaches to controlling costs, which are absolutely critical in order to respond to innovation in pricing.However, project management and process improvement initiatives alone cannot necessarily be regarded as making a firm innovative.Using a laptop means you can take your office wherever you go.You will also need printing and scanning capabilities.Many law firms that struggle with how to make AFAs profitable likely have not taken a grassroots approach to how they handle matters.They want to continue to offer the same services to the same clients, just with a fixed price tag.Your website should have password protected accounts for each client, so they can upload and download documents, fill out forms, meet with you via the web and, of course, pay you.Virtual Private Network (VPN) It's imperative that you have a secure internet connection and a virtual private network (VPN) will help you do that.For some practices, such as providing services to other law firms, it may mean an entirely virtual practice where no formal office or meeting rooms are required.However, if it's necessary to have face to face meetings with clients, then a semi-virtual practice may be more appropriate.


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