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Stimulation of imagination through playing—particularly outdoors in the woods, fields and streams—is something that I intensely recall.

Count me as a strong proponent of "unstructured play" by children, i.e., letting them explore their surroundings by themselves.

I have also been fortunate in my career to collaborate with many talented colleagues, including the students and postdocs in my group.

Your question also reminds me of a story I heard of a well-known choreographer, and her very brief proposal for funding from an endowment for the arts: "I don't write proposals, I choreograph dances." As I heard the story, she was awarded a significant grant award based on this one sentence proposal.

My mother recalls that I used to 'insist' that certain classical music (such as the music for the ballets by Tchaikovsky and music by Stravinsky) be played for me on the record player when I was a toddler, and music and dance have always been a great inspiration.

Learning Latin dance (salsa, meringue, etc.) was a revelation, and I thank the Puerto Rican and Colombian ladies who taught me; I'm a club dancer, not a ballroom dancer.

I suppose for many children, and certainly for me, there was also the strong element of fantasy—comic books, Jules Verne's books, science fiction, and imagining amazing and wonderful things.

So Spiderman, Superman, and Captain Nemo were strong childhood influences!

Twain said: "It is the responsibility of every American to love their country.

The government is another matter." In the past few years I have been deeply inspired by those who directly confronted or are confronting the forces of darkness in the 1900s and now: Martin Luther King, Jr., David Ray Griffin, Peter Dale Scott, Pat Tillman's father and mother, William F.


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