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The first thing I usually consider is supplies, because that affects how I set up my classroom.I want students to have easy access to pencils, crayons, paper, and tape. I really liked to keep the tabletops clear, so I stored supplies on nearby shelves.

When it’s writing time, you need to be freed up to confer with students, rather than constantly having to get out supplies for the kids.

Writing Folders Speaking of supplies, I also use writing folders for having my students store their writing.

Kids can just go and get a new sheet of paper or writing book whenever they need to.

Regardless of how you manage supplies in your classroom, make sure kids can access them independently.

I never wanted us to waste time on these tasks during the workshop, so I try to check and replenish the supplies after school.

(The supplies are in the pencil boxes on the right side of the shelf – pencils are in the red boxes (1 box per table), and crayons are in the green boxes.) I keep a bin of paper (blank paper at first, then some with lines as the year went on, and eventually little stapled booklets) in a central spot in the classroom.

Your minilesson should be between 5 and 10 minutes, and sharing time should also be about 5-10 minutes.

The time “in between” is for the kids to work on their writing independently, while you confer with individual students and/or meet with small groups.

Two kids won’t stop crying, and another refuses to sit in a chair.

Writing workshop is probably the last thing on your mind!


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